Food & horticulture

The greenhouses in Friðheimar farm have a long history of growing tomatoes. 

We offer a satisfying experience for body and soul where our guests will get a look-in to how it is possible to grow tomatoes all year around in our dark and cold country and enjoy our homemade refresments just beside the tomato plants.  Visit our place of work which is both educational and a cozy experience that gives an insight into the Icelandic horticulture. Family aspect of the business is part of the story telling.

At Fridheimar we create a pleasant food experience for our guests.
Lunch is enjoyed in the greenhouse after a presentation of how Icelanders can harvest healthy and tasty food every day of the year with help from nature. The hot and cold water, geothermal energy, biological pest control, bumble bees to pollinate the tomato flowers and the high technology climate controlling system to make every day perfect for our tomato plants.

We invite our guests to visit, have a short presentation and taste our tomatoes, and additionally we offer our guests to have warm tomato soup with home baked bread, and try our tomato snaps/shot. 
It is open all year round, and it is surely a uniqe experience to visit Friðheimar during winter when the lit up greenhouses light up the winter darkness and keep us warm and cozy, as we always have a tropical atmospere amongst the tomato plants.
Before you leave dont forget to visit The litle tomato shop where you can buy delicious food souvenirs and bring back home a litle bit of Friðheimar tasty pantry.

Open all year for individuals and groups 
+ 354 897 1915
Location: Reykholt , 18 km from Geysir