Bragginn er ekki opinn eins og er ! 2018

clay & coffee

Bragginn is a tranquil and appealing place, an ideal setting for a ceramic workshop and a crafty Café.

The story of Bragginn begins with the building and the atmosphere the building and its surroundings offer - The underground dome shaped structure, is an old army barrack purchased from the British army in the sixties and has served as the families potato storage until recently.  

The menu at Bragginn is based on ingredients that are locally produced or grow wild in the surroundings of Bragginn: "we place a lot of attention to sourcing raw materials from the neighboring farmers, and supporting our local community". The courses are a playful mix between Icelandic traditions, raw food and the owners favorites. The emphasis is on offering delicious food that is also beautiful for the eye. Along with the food we offer tasty 'Pour Over' coffees from the small and skillful roastery, Reykjavík Roasters.

The plates and the cups at the cafe are designed and made in the ceramic workshop. The studio is open for visitors who can take a tour around and see how the cup they are drinking from was made, from raw ingredients to finished glazed products available for purchase.

Enjoy good food in a creative environment of a ceramic workshop. Bragginn is a place where one can enjoy and experience a combination of Icelandic ceramic design, local food production and a view to Hekla, one of Icelands most notorious volcanos.

Open in the summer
in other seasons open for groups upon request
+354 8478384
Location:   Birtingaholt, 13 km from Flúðir 31 km from Geysir